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Week 11 Readings

Geertz, “Thick Description: Toward an Interpretive Theory of Culture” {PDF}

Revised Schedule

The Schedule link in the menu bar will now take you to the revised schedule of readings — one that reflects the …

Faith in Science

M. Mitchell Waldrop has written an article, “Faith in Science,” critical of the John Templeton Foundation, in Nature (17 February 2011). Thanks …

Week 9 Readings

Nov 14: OpenCulture, “European Cave Art: Was it the Earliest Form of Cinema?” See also the original article by  Marc Azéma and …

Week 7 Readings

Oct 29: “ChronoZoom Project” “Cartographies of Time: A History of the Timeline” a book, accessible through ebrary in the UoC Library catalogue …

Week 6 Readings

Oct 22: Sagan, “Travels in Space and Time” from Cosmos  {PDF} Oct 24: Mann, “How to Picture the Size of the Universe“ …

Week 3 Readings

Sept 28: Beer, “”˜Pleasure like a tragedy’: imagination and the material world” from Darwin’s Plots {PDF}

Week 1 Readings

Sept 12: Wordsworth, “Tintern Abbey” {web} Sept 14: Wordsworth, “Not useless do I deem” {PDF} (the 110 lines under (b) on p.679)