Research Pruposal

For my research paper I would like to focus on the affects data have on human history. Our present day is shaped by the past, but the only way we can understand our past is through recorded works.There is a continual struggle within history records to find the truth, both out of a lack of information and often from one-sided accounts of historic events/issues. This can be seen through Scholar’s notions of who R.H. Ash and C. LaMotte were in the novel Possession. Byatt shows that these ideas are not as concrete as they are believed to be. The relations between Aboriginals and Europeans in the America’s is also an area where lack of documents and a bias towards European interpretation affect our understanding of the events and their significance. I would like to explore how these issues affect our current understanding of ourselves. How a a victor’s, or scholar’s, prejudice can influence what is retained in the historical record and as a result, shape the way history viewed and as a result society in the future.







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As for secondary sources I am still looking for better and more connected ones. I’ve had a bit of trouble trying to find any.

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