Camila’s Research Proposal – Visualization

For my research paper I am interested in understanding the extent to which visualization is important in remembering the past and understanding information.   Why is visualization such an important part of the human need to record history and remember the past?   Of the techniques we use to record our history, or even understand the present, visual records such as timelines, or photos create a stronger response than words.   Why are visualizations so effective to us?   Why do graphs and pictures mean more to us than lists and numbers?

And what are our limitations of using this to understand our world?   With concepts dealing with size and amount how far can our visualization techniques be useful to us.   How can knowledge of a meter help us understand the distance between galaxies?   Can things we cannot visualize, such as light years really help our understanding of distance?

Sources I intend to use:

Cartographies of Time: A History of the Timeline by Daniel Rosenberg and Anthony Grafton

Naturalism, Pictures, and Platonic Intuitions

Visualization in Logic and Mathematics

Visualizations in Mathematics

I may also mention these sources:

How to picture the size of the universe

How Big Data is Changing Astronomy

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